Vid Trippin’: Make It Count

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

Another day, another YouTube sensation. But it’s not every day that a million hit viral video involves traveling three continents, 13 countries and 16 cities in 10 days.

Nike hired director Casey Neistat and editor Max Joseph to make an advert for their Fuel Band. What they probably expected was something made in-studio and slickly produced, what they got was two guys taking the money and running ’round the world till it ran out. Paris, Cairo, Johannesburg, Rome and Doha are some of the cities they stopped in; along the way they ate a lot of airplane food. The stunt paid off.

CNNGo peppered the filmmakers with questions—like where Casey jumped off that cliff, the obvious “Tell us about the bikini girls. Did that encounter lead anywhere?” and more—which you can read here.

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