Vid Trippin’: Skate, Surf, Soar

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

On the timely topic of resolutions, specifically ones that involve taking more risks and getting fit, we found three videos from around the world that up the ante on both fronts (not to mention suggest new ways of covering terrain).

Skate pros Pierre Lelievre and Anthony Finocchiaro hit the streets—and stairs, and rails, and statues—of Shanghai, China rolling on eight wheels. Their greatest feat? Making rollerskating look cool.

Bodyboarding is another one of those activities without the allure of its cousins, but in the hands of rider Jack Johns it’s heart-stopping. Shot in numerous picturesque locales, including the Southwest U.K., its narrative is a familiar one to those of us who work in the city and long to play in the sea.

Last, but not least thrilling, Espen Fadnes, BASE jumping world champion, show us what it really means to fly. Hurling himself off a mountain in Norway in a wingsuit, he reaches speeds of 250 kilometers an hour, taking a camera along for the ride. And you thought chartering a prop plane was scary.

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