Wedding of the Summer: Congrats to Rob Hersov and Dr. Kate James

- Erik Wachtmeister,

kate-and-rob-resized-2My heartfelt congratulations to Rob Hersov and his lovely bride Dr. Kate James.

The Hersov’s threw a four-day wedding extravaganza over the weekend in St. Moritz.

250 guests came in from all over the world, many directly into the local Samedan airport. Rob comes originally from Cape Town and is vice Chairman of Net Jets and a founder investor/ambassador of A Small World (ASW). Kate comes from New Zealand and is a qualified pediatric doctor.

There are very few people in the world with a bigger international network.

Rob and Kate’s wedding was one of the best organized nuptials I have ever been to where the four days in the glorious Alps were filled with fun, charm, intimacy and a hilarious sense of humor.

Many old friends came to celebrate the charmed couple including Preston Haskell (thanks for the ride down!), Lambros Milona, Lilly Wittgenstein, Calle and Nathalie Bismarck, Nick Candy, Goga Ashkenazi, Len Blavatnik, Richard Perry, Gus Spanos, Mogens Tholstrup, Andrea Dibelius, Omer Karacan, Ana Drezgic, Janusz Hooker, Pong Bismarck, Eric Watson, Lars Windhorst, Pia Hahn, Morvarid Sahafi, Tandy Nill, Lucio and Esther Vela, Sven and Zoe Ley, and fellow Swedes Johan Attvik, Johan Stael von Holstein and Ulf Ekberg.

Ulf Ekberg of Ace of BaseUlf performed from his Ace of Base repertoire “It is a beautiful life” and “All that she wants is another baby” to ecstatic guests following the wedding dinner.

Most people stayed at the Palace and the Kulm. I had the good fortune thanks to the ASW Hotel Finder to discover the magnificent Kronenhof hotel and spa in Pontresina, less than 6 kms from St. Moritz, and a sister hotel to the Kulm.

Kronenhof was bought by the Niarchos family in 2004 and just completed a massive renovation. It is now the most comfortable place to stay in the region and was awarded Hotel of the Year 2008 by Gault et Millau.

Proof that the best place to stay is often the less obvious.

Pictures speak a thousand words and this is a great opportunity to start photo blogging, so here we go:

Rob Hersov

Rob Hersov Gives a Proud "Thumbs Up"

Silas Chou

Silas Chou







Ulf and Erik

Ulf and Erik

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  1. Cheray says:

    Congratulations Rob and Kate the wedding couldn’t be more beautiful. .Cx