Week 3: Win the Ultimate Culinary Getaway

- Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve, Guest Blogger

Each week until August 1st 2010, Kiwi Collection is giving away up to $10k to a lucky winner for a hotel stay of their choice. This week, the fantastic offer is geared towards all of you foodies out there, so here’s your chance to win a culinary experience like no other.

All you need to do to enter Kiwi Collection’s Ultimate Hotel Sweepstakes for your chance to win is visit the contest page, where you can tell us what hotel you’d like to stay at and why.

In your quest for the ultimate culinary getaway, here are some delicious luxury hotels to tickle your tastebuds:


  1. Joan Kimmett says:

    My husband and I have been hit so hard by the economy. My husband works his fingers to the bone my wish is win a vacation for HIM and our last 9 year old even to just travel the Grand Cayons with a house boat towing a smaller boat for fun and exploring. If you could guide me in that direction to were I would even have a chance or even Hawwaii (sp) I’d be so blessed before he drives himself to the grave , no complaining but the economy has wiped up to were we are hoping to hang on to our home (as youngest of 6 we stood uo to the plate. Had NO idea the economy was going to take free enterprize by throat.
    Thanks girl,
    Jon and I watch your show dreaming. Thanks Joan Kimmett