What’s Yours is Mine Hotel in Buenos Aires

- Heather Stoutenburg, a Vancouver-based wayfarer, wine connoisseur, vintage treasure hunter, yogi and professional writer.

I arrived in Buenos Aires after a 20-hour bus ride, in dire need of luxury.

Enter Palermo. At the epicenter of the city, Palermo’s colonial buildings are a mix of high-end shops, restaurants, museums, production houses and embassies. Oh, and places to stay – including the lovely Mine Hotel.

An independent boutique, Mine lies on a quiet side street. With its proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment, it attracts an eclectic mix of young couples from exotic locales.

At check-in, friendly staff will answer your questions and show you to your room. No two are the same, but all are equipped with plush linens, a laptop station, and a sleek flat-panel TV. Highlights included the bathroom, with a rain shower and an oversized jetted bathtub.

Considered the culinary capital of the Southern hemisphere, Palermo has no shortage of restaurants to explore – but have at least one meal at Mine. Enjoy the ample breakfast buffet in the restaurant, but for anything else, venture to the courtyard.

A serene green space, the courtyard is home to a swimming pool and comfortable couches. It’s an excellent spot to enjoy a tapas platter and a glass of malbec (or a yerba mate).

Palermo is full of bars and nightclubs, but if you’re interested in tango, the scene is in nearby San Telmo. For an authentic experience, visit a milonga (tango bar for the locals), or the hotel can arrange an outing including dinner, a show and transport. Faena Hotel + Universe has what’s said to be the best show; the same proprietors offer a less expensive version at the historical Café Los Angelitos.

Argentina is, of course, famous for its leather. Street markets are a good place to find high-quality wallets and belts (and everything else you could ever ask for) – there’s a huge market in San Telmo every Sunday. Trendy handbags made by local, up-and-coming designers can be found in Palermo, a favorite was Humawaca. A popular men’s store worth checking out, even just for its unique space, is Bokura. They sell an assortment of fashions that are popular with the Porteños.

In a city like Buenos Aires, there is never a shortage of things to see and do. But whatever your pleasure, you can make your vacation uniquely your own at Mine.

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