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Sphere Hong Kong, China, Issue 26

The human touch is hugely important for Brad Cocks, the Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific of the travel website, the Kiwi Collection, who spends much of the year checking out quality hotels, including numerous boutique properties.

"I think in most cases boutique hotels offer an enhanced experience, usually incorporating a new trend such as design or technology and also escapism from cookie-cutter offerings," he said. "An experience that delivers on its promise: simple, easy, efficient, fun, generous."

"The basics are always taken for granted now - flat screen television and so on - it is the human touch that makes the difference. I think simply based on the economy of scale, in a boutique hotel the ratio of staff to guests is much higher and allows for a more intimate relationship."

"The Establishment Hotel in Sydney is a great example of a boutique hotel, offering unique rooms with a very long room configuration, beds removed from the wall on a slant, enhanced room technology and access to some of the city's best restaurants and bars."

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