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  • China
    June 2008
    The Brand Story of Kiwi Collection more
  • UK
    Winter 2008/09
    Kiwi Collection more
  • Australia
    Summer 2005
    This extravagant book illustrates some of the finest resorts and hotels, picturesque inns, rahces and lodges.
    Be inspired and plan your own l... more
  • Canada
    November 2005
    Santa more
  • Canada
    March 28, 2012
    Kiwi Collection has a regularly updated, curated list of the best hotels of the world... more

  • May 2007
    One For the Birds - For guidance and inspiration as to the most fabulous places to stay, Kiwi Collection offers one of travel's best edits. Gathere... more
  • Australia
    October 2008
    Kiwi Collection, a purveyor of one-stop luxury travel, has come up with a list of the most far-flung and indulgent hotels on the planet, from the s... more
  • Italy
    September 2009
    This article includes Il Mowani and L'Avan Dzoraget more
  • Australia
    June/July 2008
    Overnight Sensations: Europe Middle East Africa more

  • August 2007
    Hold the Phone more
  • Australia
    November 2011
    Notable Critics - want to sleep where Rose Byrne slept? Care about how Kathy Lette rates a hotel? Kiwi Collection’s Ambassador review Series ... more
  • Australia
    January/February 2009
    Travel more