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Your home is filled with contemporary energy and glamor and you want your hotel to feel exactly the same. If thoughts of oil paintings and Belle Époque furniture have you breaking out in a cold sweat, then Kiwi Collection's selection of modern luxury hotels will have you feeling right at home.

While Northern Europe, Scandinavia and New York are known for their relentless pursuit of style, it would be remiss of you to limit your search for modern hotels to these well-known design hotspots. Clean, white spaces and stunning decor can be found perched on stilts just above the blue waters and sandy beaches of the Maldives, awaiting discovery by your discerning eye.

Pockets of style have been known to pop up everywhere, and Kiwi Collection has expertly researched the best modern luxury hotels and found eclectic choices off the beaten track like tented camps in Australis, cliffside gems in Bali and rising hotspots like Hvar, Croatia.

Don't get us wrong, though. We've also ticked the boxes on the hippest cosmopolitan hang-outs in New York, London, Barcelona, Paris and many other international hubs, with plenty of forgotten heritage buildings having been re-purposed and given a modern make-over.

No matter where in the world your search for discerning accommodations take you, Kiwi Collection presents the ultimate in luxury thanks to our promise of complimentary VIP perks and upgrades. Why book anywhere else?

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