Pet-Friendly Places

Just because you're going on holidays doesn't mean you have to leave your pooch behind. More and more luxury hotels and groovy boutiques are now catering to pets and we strongly believe it's a direct result of the increased levels of dog cuteness these days. It's science - there's no arguing with that.

If you can't bear to be parted with your pet, the good news is that Kiwi Collection boasts a number of design hotel in major urban centres that offer bespoke dog beds and craft-made treats for your canine companion. If you are looking for something a little different, a number of ski resorts and country escapes will be more than happy to keep rover in the lap of luxury while you traipse off into the wilderness.

What other services can you and your best friend expect? Well, there's grooming, walking services and even chef-prepared luxury meals. Word of warning; the last thing you want is your pooch developing champagne tastes to rival your own…

If you choose to book a pet-friendly hotel with Kiwi Collection you can expect to enjoy VIP perks, complimentary upgrades and low rates. So check out our range of properties and take your dog on a well-earned break.