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Prints That Transport You

It’s gifting season and what better present could there be for the dreamer in your life than visually whisking them away—to the places they miss and the destinations they long to visit. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite print collections from the creative explorers we love. Their work never ceases to inspire our wanderlust.

Paris Je T'aime by Ana Linares

Ana Linares

Ana Linares of @ananewyork dreams in color and she seeks it out wherever she goes. With a keen eye for light, texture and architecture, she pulls each into her compositions, abundantly filling the frame. Her prints take you to the places that speak to her both visually and emotionally, from muted mornings in Paris to vivid afternoons in London and the Amalfi Coast.

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Santa Monica Surfer by Carley Rudd

Carley Rudd

Somewhere in the world, camera in hand, surrounded by beauty, that’s when Carley Rudd of @carleyscamera feels most alive. Whether capturing a mystic sunset surf on Venice Beach or the magic of Greece, the celebrated photographer’s aesthetic evokes a feeling of breezy escapism. Let your mind drift to pastel-hued beaches and soft waters.

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Ribbon Road by Christine Flynn

Christine Flynn

Hinged on nostalgia, Christine Flynn’s work is inspired by the world’s beauty and bounty—and all the quiet moments she finds in between. The Canadian mixed media photographer’s wanderlust has taken her around the world, stopping along the way to capture the varied landscapes­—from the ribbon roads in Utah to the powerful surf in South Africa.

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Gray Malin

Gray Malin’s vision is simple: he wants to make every day feel like a getaway. Traveling the globe to bring this inspired vision to life, the Los Angeles-based photographer has created a world of playful works, imbuing artistry into the spirit of travel. One of his ultimate visual escapes is the series À la Montagne, a joyful collection of winter revelry at lavish resorts.

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Dubrovnik by Jessica Wight

Jessica Wright

Wherever she travels, Jessica Wright is most inspired by the light and reflects this in her prints. Her collection from Europe enchants, from the sun-soaked coastline of Dubrovnik to the snowy shores of Lago di Braies. The California-based photographer behind @bontraveler transports us right into the moment with her pieces—like we’re standing alongside her.

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Perfect Ten by Lucy Laucht

Lucy Laucht

Describing herself as “always in motion,” Lucy Laucht‘s work reveals the soul of a place. In Spirit of Summer, her limited-edition collection of film photographs, each piece captures a strong sense of story. Evoking the pleasure of play while being away, the images are an ode to sun on hot skin, sparkling seas and long summer days.

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Summer in Sicily - Scopello by Madeline Lu

Madeline Lu

Self-taught creative Madeline Lu wanders the world with her family by her side. Together, they have visited over 30 countries, with Italy being a favorite. Madeline captures it ever so beautifully in her limited-edition collection, Summer in Sicily. A reflection of all the summer charms the azure Italian coastline doles out, whisking you away to sunnier days.

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East Bali by Michelle Halpern

Michelle Halpern

Michelle Halpern of @livelikeitsthewknd inspires us to live by our own rules, and she’s generally inspired by the innate beauty in nature as well as the man-made beauty found in architecture and interiors. The common thread is the sense of calm and serenity they invoke. She gravitates towards the places where people go to relax, recharge and take a deep breath.

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Sarah Royall

Sarah Royall’s carefree spirit and endless pursuit of paradise have those of us following her epic journeys on @saltyluxe dreaming of turquoise waters, glistening sands and palm-fringed beaches. Allow this Australian globetrotter to take you to the tropics with her vibrant prints. Looking at them, you can almost feel the gentle sea breeze and warm rays.

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