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If you are booking for more than 2 adults or children, if you have a special request, or if you need to ask a question about the destination or hotel, a Kiwi Collection availability request is the best way to do it.

Important Notice!

  • THE MODERN HONOLULU’s unique mixology scene is slotted to take center stage at the Fifth annual Hawaii Food and Wine Festival. With drinks as colorful as Hawaii’s waning sunsets, the Waikiki marina hotel is the perfect place to clink glasses in celebration of the event's five-year anniversary. With 13 world famous chefs presenting chopstick-inspired dishes, The Sunrise and Sunset Pool will be closing at 11am on September 10 to transform into a culinary stage. Both pools will reopen on September 11 at 7am.

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We send your request directly to the hotel to ensure that you get the best available rates and receive the personal service we promise for every booking made with Kiwi Collection. Once you send your request, a Kiwi Collection representative will contact you with a response by email within 72 hours.