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Step into the neon heart of Tokyo, a dazzling metropolis where time-honored traditions and futuristic visions meet. In this city of stark contrasts, glittering skyscrapers tower above ancient temples, and cobblestone alleys give way to bustling avenues.

Home to over 35 million residents, Tokyo is the most populated metropolitan area in the world. Whether weaving through crowds in buzzy Shinjuku, discovering the latest trends in Harajuku, or finding tranquility at one of the best hotels in Tokyo, the city’s many neighborhoods have something for every type of traveler. Take a break from the unrelenting activity under the peaceful shade of the cherry blossoms, enjoy a Kabuki performance or wander down quiet lanes where geishas once strolled.

With more Michelin Stars than any other city, dining in Tokyo is an unparalleled experience. Dive into thick bowls of ramen, intricately plated 10-course meals, sushi made by legendary chefs and sprawling fish markets overflowing with fresh seafood.

Wondering where to stay? From ultra-modern skyscrapers, to traditional onsens and intimate boutique hotels in Tokyo, our hand-picked collection includes the very best places to stay. Book with us and gain access to VIP upgrades, exclusive perks and the best rates, guaranteed.

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