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Immortalized in its music and as the birthplace of a much-loved Caribbean culture, Jamaica continues to draw travelers to its shores.

From the Blue Mountains, famed for the world-class coffee grown along their slopes, to the secluded coves and beaches dotting the coast, Jamaica offers landscapes seldom seen on any single island.

In its lush interior, tropical forests and valleys are home to countless bird and plant species. Follow a jungle trail with a local guide and you’ll encounter untouched waterfalls, rivers and sparkling lagoons. Out on the coast, sandy beaches and rocky cliffs provide the setting for many of Jamaica’s luxury resorts and 5 star hotels. It’s here that you’ll also find some of the best seafood and Caribbean cuisine – even more delicious when paired with a glass of the island’s famous rum.

Jamaica also boasts a long and fascinating history. From colonial treasures to a lively reggae culture, evidence of the island’s distant and recent past remains strong today.

Whether you’re planning a romantic honeymoon or a family getaway, Jamaica offers the perfect setting for your luxury Caribbean vacation. Book with us and enjoy unique extras and upgrades where available, and the best guaranteed rates.

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