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Our Best Luxury Resorts & Boutique Hotels in Miami

There are few places on the planet that combine city, sea and sunshine better than Miami. From the palm-shaded streets of Coconut Grove to the sun-kissed shoreline of Miami Beach, this city has a style of its own.

Check in to one of Miami’s luxury hotels, grab your sunglasses, then head out and begin exploring. The city's rich Cubano-Hispanic heritage blends neatly with trendy galleries, bars and restaurants. You’ll also find stunning Art Deco buildings lining many of Miami’s streets. Fill your smartphone with photos, then pull into a local taqueria for a bite to eat.

A burgeoning art scene thrives in Miami. You’ll find it in the colorful street art adorning every corner, or any of the galleries or studios. Another scene to fully immerse yourself in here is the culinary one. Take your pick from fine-dining restaurants serving Michelin-starred fare, or laid-back eateries cooking up authentic Latin American food. With everything you can imagine in between.

Beyond the city, Florida offers plenty of other gems to discover. The wildlife-rich Everglades are ripe for exploration, or you can hire a car and head south to the Florida Keys. With only a short stretch of water between them and the Bahamas, these laid-back isles are as close as you can get to the Caribbean without actually being there.

Our luxury travel specialists have handpicked the very best hotels in Miami. We carefully select and rate each property to make sure it meets our high standards. Whether you’re looking for an oceanfront 5-star resort or a luxury boutique hotel in Miami Downtown, we’ll help you stay there in style.

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