Mining Mogul Lukas Lundin’s 50th Birthday Celebration at Hotel Jiva Hill

- Philippe Kjellgren, Kiwi Collection President and CEO, visited over 100 countries before he was 25. He now splits his time between NY, London and Vancouver.

(left to right: Nash, Karla, Lukas, Philippe)

My fiancée and I recently flew in to Geneva for Lukas Lundin‘s 50th Edition party with 130 of his closest friends and family from all over the world, which made it a very special occasion.

It was held at Jiva Hill Park Hotel owned by Lukas’ brother Ian Lundin, and it has been designed as a south African camp just outside Geneva on the French side of the France-Switzerland border – a beautiful resort that comes with its own lake where guests can water-ski or relax; a perfect place to hold any event private or for your company.

It was a black-tie dinner with a 28 minute long fireworks show in the end (putting most fireworks competition to shame), it was one of those parties of a lifetime that never seemed to end, people just had too much fun – we were one of the early quitters at 4:30 AM.

During our visit to Geneva we also had a chance to stay at La Reserve, which has become sort of an institution for the local jetsetters – don’t miss their pool or their ride in to town with their Italian Riva style motor boat.

The festivities ended the following day with brunch at Lukas’ parents wonderful estate in the French countryside.

This region is filled with amazing  countryside charm, and a visit on the other side of the border is a must if you are ever visiting Geneva. Geneva itself is like a miniature Paris on a lake with amazing “Brasseries” and not to mention a plethora of jewellery and fine Swiss made watches  – there is no better place in the world to find Swiss-made quality than at the source.

We then went to Paris with the TGV (a very fast French train)…a trip I would highly recommend. In a mere 3.5 hours, you are smack dab of a hub of activity in central Paris. We stayed at Le Ritz on Place Vendome, wich has renovated many of their rooms (be sure to ask for one of the renovated ones when you book your next stay). This very well known and historical property is located amongst the high fashion stores on Faubourg St Honore (one of the most famous shopping streets in the world). Be sure to bring your credit card or stay in another area of Paris as your loved one will not be pleased should you ignore the many beautiful windows packed with perfect gifts.

The last night in Paris we stayed at Hotel Costes, a complete opposite of Le Ritz but still one of my personal favourites, designed like a high end boudoire. This place is like a night club, restaurant with hotel rooms…the party never ends. When you are here be sure to have at least one drink here. It is the perfect place to people watch. Stay in one of the rooms with a terrace facing the courtyard. In most hotels this would be the quiet zone. But in this hotel, the courtyard is the centre of activity and features the hotel’s restaurant & bar.

Until our next meeting on the road…A bientôt.

  1. Fredrik Farhadian says:

    La Reserve…haven´t had the pleasure of visiting it yet. I must go
    there as soon as I can find the time.