Hotel Spotlights

Sunny days, playing with puppies, blasting “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys—there are some things you can consistently rely on to boost the mood. That goes for countries too, apparently. Every year, the United Nations releases its World Happiness Report quantifying quality of life with data related to social support, generosity, corruption, freedom, life expectancy, GDP levels and, for 2021, response to the pandemic. Suffice to say, if we can’t pack up and move to these happiest countries then we’ll gladly visit them, and one of their cheery hotels, to soak up the positive vibes when it’s possible.

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Mukan Resort's empty beach with two swaying palm trees
Six Senses Laamu
Minimalist Hotels to Inspire Slow Living
Santa Monica Proper Hotel's lobby nook with floor sofas surrounded by bookshelves
speakeasies inside hotels
Aerial of candy color beach umbrellas on the beach at The Confidante hotel
hotel celebrity stories
Gstaad Palace's towers peaking out from the forest under the Swiss mountains