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Stay with style in England

Stay at one of our handpicked accommodations in England and enjoy personalized VIP service, complimentary upgrades, and the best rates at the very best hotels.

At its peak, the British Empire covered 25 percent of the Earth's surface. That's more than the Ottoman, French, and Roman Empires combined, and all from an island nation that could fit into Texas five times over. Today, England is rather less powerful, but no less fascinating.

Any trip to this country without at least a few days spent in London in laughably incomplete. England's capital has been described as one of three command centers" of the world economy (along with New York City and Tokyo) and is filled with indescribably rich cultural landmarks.

In true English fashion however you'll also want to spend some time touring the country. Throw a dart (another English pastime) at a map of southern England and you're bound to hit a quaint village or charming pastoral dreamland.

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