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Karen Walker

The New Zealand-based designer known for creating whimsical, wearable clothing and accessories season after season aced the Travel Q&A. Now, Karen Walker dials in on just the essentials, sharing her favorite destination, hotel and travel items.


“I’ve been going to Sydney a dozen or so times a year for work, and the occasional added on mini-break, for two decades. I continue to be enchanted and delighted by its many wonders but most of all by its harbour and coastline. The harbour is one of those sights that surpasses the hype and the anticipation—it’s a stunner no matter what angle you experience it from.”

Parker Palm Springs


“I recently had my first visit to Palm Springs. Everyone had said, ‘You must stay at the Parker!’ They were right. What a heavenly oasis. Gorgeous rooms, lovely setting, impeccable service and the gardens! Not to mention the lovely yoga room, wonderful desert climate and perfect blue skies. I adored the sightseeing too, especially Sunnylands Gardens and Joshua Tree National Park. Three nights was not enough.”


“I don’t want to be that tourist schlepping around the city with the hotel umbrella so I always take my own, a Blunt XS Metro.  It packs easily in the case as well as when out and about and never lets me down. The best umbrella by far.”


“Planes, air-conditioned hotels, different climates, and, if holidaying, generally lots of time outside all adds up to a skin disaster, so my full kit of Osmosis potions and lotions is an essential part of my packing.”

Karen Walker eyewear


“I like to go to hot, sunny places and so a good pair—or two, or three—of sunglasses are essential. Karen Walker, naturally.”