Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Africa

Hardly anyone who visits Africa once can resist the urge to go again, and then some more.

When you stay at one of our handpicked accommodations in wild, untamed, and ferociously beautiful Africa, you’ll enjoy personalized VIP service, complimentary upgrades, and the best rates at the very best hotels.

You can feel it, a strange sense of familiarity, as you step off the plane and reach for the SPF 3,000². Your passport tells you you’re American, British, Canadian, but this, this is home.

Human beings stepped off the African continent at least 50,000 years ago, but share a collective fascination with this vast and unforgiving land. Accordingly, just about everyone who visits is after the same thing: a brush with the great untamed.

Africa doesn’t disappoint. Hundreds of accommodations, many of them refurbished colonial relics, offer wildlife expeditions and tours of the continent’s majestic national parks. Oceanside resorts beget another kind of experience, one where leisure reigns supreme.

Return home. Visit Africa.

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view all Africa hotels