Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Asia

Explore Asia’s diverse cultures, stunning beauty, and ancient history.

Explore the world’s oldest civilizations and discover the advantage of our exclusive partnerships with Asia’s best hotels, personalized VIP service, complimentary upgrades, and the very best rates.

Entire chapters of human history are mere blurbs from an Asian perspective. When Europeans were racing around chopping each other’s heads off, India was developing modern math. And when Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas, Chinese civilization was well into its fourth millennium.

Culturally speaking, Asia is the most diverse continent on the world. Teeming Blade-Runner-esque metropolises spring up in the east, Tokyo and Seoul are the two biggest cities in the world, while sprawling urban/rural amalgams stretch across the south. The continent is home to a diverse geography, from the coral islands of the Indian Ocean to the Himalayan Mountains.

Accordingly, Asia suits all interests, from shopping and sightseeing to hiking and diving.

And, boy, there’s a lot of history here.

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view all Asia hotels