Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Asia

Diverse cultures, stunning beauty, and the best hotels in Asia

At Kiwi Collection you can discover the advantage of our exclusive partnerships with Asia’s best hotels, personalized VIP service, and complimentary upgrades.

Asia’s landscape is just as wonderfully varied as its people and culture. The continent is home to a diverse geography, from the coral islands of the Indian Ocean to the Himalayan Mountains.

Seoul and Hong Kong are bustling cities with high rises and elegant metropolitan hotels. And yet, in the Maldives or Cát Bà Island, you’ll find a paradise where time moves slowly.

A visit to India might have you staying in a national park, a palace fit for royalty, or in the center of bustling New Delhi. In Thailand you could lodge in an overwater villa in Phuketi, or visit centuries old temples and high-end shopping malls in Bangkok. Likewise, luxury hotels are just as easily found in Japanese villages on a mountainside as they are in the vibrant city of Tokyo.

Accordingly, Asia has something for everyone. In Asia, you can shop or visit museums, dine at Michelin-starred restaurants or eat street food, snorkel or skydive. In Asia, your travel dreams can become reality.

No matter where you go, the best hotels in Asia are with Kiwi Collection. From spa resorts to jungle tree houses to sprawling villas, adventure and luxury await in Asia.

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view all Asia hotels