Travel Diaries

Sights of Seminyak

by Joy Pecknold

We spent two and half weeks traipsing around Bali, Indonesia, starting in Seminyak. One of the most bustling townships on the island, it’s good for a mix of boutique shopping (courtesy of an influx of expats), diverse dining and beach proximity.

The best way to get around and burn off all the Bintangs you imbibe, is to stroll. Weaving through the maze of streets you’ll stumble upon things you won’t find if you just cut the clearest taxi path to a final destination.

Seminyak walking

You’ll come across surprises such as a philosophically sound, beautifully-scripted motto.

People who love to eat are always the best people

As well as less sophisticated things.

Seminyak souvenirs

Walking around all day will make you hungry, and there’s not shortage of deliciousness to be found. If you can bear to walk a little further, the foliage-cocooned entrance to the W Bali Seminyak is worth it. They will offer a golf cart ride if you can’t manage it, but then it’ll all be over much too quickly.

W Hotel Seminyak

Grab a drink at the W’s Woobar, then continue happy hour at Potato Head Beach Club, it’s just a 1-minute walk down the beach. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there when they’ve got a special event on—the week we were there, it was Fat Boy Slim.

Potato Head Beach Club

But you’d be foolish to go to Bali and not partake in a truer cultural experience. For a little slice of that, dine at Made’s Warung, a restaurant that serves up Balinese fare alongside traditional music and dancing. Pretty sure they invented side-eye.

Made Warung Seminyak

Another one not to miss is Sardine. The food, mainly fresh seafood, is gorgeous, as is the view from the far end of the restaurant which backs onto a rice field—be sure to get there before last light to see it in all its green glory.

Sardine Seminyak

But one of the best ways to experience Bali is to take it lying down, whether it be a $15, one-hour full body massage at one of the many street-side spas or by a pool. Preferably, you do both.

Seminyak sunbathing