Luxury Spa Resorts and Hotels

While not every day can be a spa day, it's still an optimal goal to make as many days as possible feature some pampering. So why not shoot for the stars? If you can squeeze in 100 spa days a year you'll probably be the most relaxed person on earth.

The question is, where to begin your search for a relaxing, luxury spa break? New York is a hot-bed for spa luxury and a day spent hoisting bags in and out of boutiques would leave the hardiest of toes in need of some tender loving care.

Why not consider something that offers a little sun and pampering? An essential oil rubdown in Jamaica? Ayurvedic treatments in India? Why not a real Thai massage on the white sands of Koh Samui? Any of these options would release a lifetime of stress, never mind the stresses of every day life!

Japanese Onsens are the height of Far East luxury, while the hammamms of Turkey are a fine destination for a languid break. Off the coast of Africa, the Seychelles affords you the flexibility to mix it all up, with morning beach yoga in the morning and Balinese spa treatments in the afternoon.

No matter which luxury spa destination you choose, Kiwi Collection boasts VIP perks, complimentary upgrades and low rates. So, why book anywhere else?