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Proust Travel Questionnaire: Travel+Style

For their online magazine Travel+Style, Luiza Zadros and Daniel Laskowski explore the globe together and visit luxury hotels along the way. Naturally, the nomadic couple knows a lot of about what makes or breaks a trip, so we had them take our travel questionnaire. Have you ever checked-in via paraglider? They have.

Q The in-flight film you hope for:

Any new release we wouldn’t normally have time to watch at home.

Q The last book you took on holiday:

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. Re-reading it, in fact. The book can be described as a detective story set in a 14th-century monastery, but it’s so much more. It’s full of dark secrets, medieval symbols, coded manuscripts, physical and philosophical labyrinths, and murder. What’s not to love?

The most precious commodity when traveling is time.
Q You tend to pack too many...:

Actually, we tend to pack rather light. This forces us to be quite disciplined with things.

Luiza on the stairs at Amanzoe with blue door
Q Your idea of travel happiness:

On a boat or in a 4×4 heading towards a new discovery, which preferably would be followed by a stay at a beach resort! So, adventure and cultural experiences mixed with relaxation in the sun.

Q Your idea of travel misery:

The most precious commodity when traveling is time. We always plan to minimize any dead hours, such as between flights, so any delays, cancellations or lost baggage are instant mini-disasters. Tour groups are also not for us. The idea of visiting some place according to someone else’s schedule is most unwelcome.

Q Your favorite quality in a hotel:

Seamless service, where we know any problem will be dealt with swiftly. Best if it’s a small, intimate hotel defined by subtle and authentic luxury, with beautiful architecture and interiors designed to reflect its locale.

Q What do you appreciate most in a travel partner?

A sense of humor and the ability to always hold a good conversation.

Q What is your greatest extravagance while abroad?

As luxury travel bloggers, apart from staying at the high-end and often extravagant hotels, we always try to experience things we may not have the opportunity to live through again. Like sleeping under the stars in the middle of Namibian desert, getting pampered in an underwater spa in the Maldives, or checking-in to a hotel via paragliding in Oman.

Luiza on the stairs at Amanzoe with blue door
Q What is your favorite journey to take?

Our next one.

Q What is your greatest fear abroad?

Losing the essentials—passports, cameras.

Q Which historical world traveler do you most identify with?

We can’t say we really identify with any historical figures. But there are some who remain a source of fascination, like the language genius Champollion, who deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs and fueled our imagination. Or Richard Francis Burton, an illustrious 19th-century explorer who broke many taboos of his day and who relished personal contact with exotic human cultures. He traveled to Mecca secretly, was the first European to see Lake Tanganyika, and translated many works of literature from the Eastern cultures, including Kama Sutra.

Q What is the travel habit you most deplore in yourself?

Luiza: “Impatience.” Daniel: “Last-minute packing.”

Q What is the travel habit you most deplore in others?

When people are loud, and pushy.

Q In what travel situations do you lie?

On a rare occasion, in small-talk situations and only in certain places, such as some Middle East countries, we’d say “yes” when questioned if we are married. Sometimes it’s just easier not having to explain.

Q When and where were you last happiest?

The other day, when we were in one of our favorite cafes in Paris, having a conversation over a glass of wine. Small things.

Q What is your most treasured take-along?

Luiza: “My boyfriend!” Both: “Our cameras.”

Q What is your travel motto?

Experiences, not things.

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