The Kiwi Score & Rating System

Since 2003, Kiwi Collection experts have been reviewing and rating luxury hotels in every corner of the world. Our collective knowledge and experience in the luxury hotel industry enables us to provide unbiased reviews and ratings for each hotel in our collection. Our rating system is just one of the stringent criteria we use to identify and invite hotels to participate in Kiwi Collection. We understand that a grand hotel in a world-renowned city cannot be compared like-for-like to an exquisite countryside inn, although both can provide the traveller with a rich and memorable experience.

We rate all our hotels using a bespoke rating system to provide guests with a sense of how the hotels within a region compare to each other, and to comparable hotels around the world. The ten criteria of our rating system take into account both experiential and objective criteria. As some of our ten categories do not apply to every hotel, we provide a numerical average rating of only the applicable scored categories. If a hotel does not provide, for example, Food and Beverage facilities, or does not have a Spa or Fitness facility, that is indicated in the bar graph with a n/a rating.

Of course, nothing is written in stone when it comes to our opinions about any particular hotel. Properties change over time; new management, renovations and upgrades, addition of new facilities, or even changes to settings beyond a hotel’s control. We update a hotel’s rating as often as necessary based on many factors, not least of which is feedback from our travelling guests. So please, feel free to give us your opinion of how our rating compares to your experience.