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Buddha preached a path of moderation. Stop craving, he said, and your suffering will end. Odd, then, that Thailand is among the most Buddhist countries in the world. The country is so fascinating you'll want to see it all. Maybe that's why nirvana's so elusive.

There are two regions in Thailand that tend to attract the most visitors. The first is Bangkok, a bustling capital of more than 8 million where you'll find chic boutique-style accommodations alongside some of the country's most alluring parks and palaces, as well the world-class shopping of Siam Square and cuisine that shames your local Thai boite.

The second is Phuket, a cheery island in the Andaman Sea that boasts some of the best resorts in southeast Asia. Come here if snorkeling, sailing, and lazing on a paradisiacal beach are your type of thing.

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view all Thailand hotels