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Let loose in Mexico City

Don't let Mexico City's staggering size overwhelm you - book with us and get the best rates at the best hotels along with VIP upgrades and services.

Start at the heart of this festive city - the Zocalo. There, with the solemn National Palace, Cathedral, and Old Portal de Mercaderes behind you, you can enjoy the endlessly entertaining antics of local musicians, actors, and mimes.

Make your way to the floating gardens of Xochimilco - a cultural mainstay dating all the way back to the Aztecs - and Chapultepec Park, which, as the biggest park within a city, holds numerous local attractions of its own.

At night, Mexico City comes alive with jazz clubs, mariachi shows, dancing, and drinks. Insist on bebidas nacionales - national drinks - at the bar as the locals do, and you'll save a pretty penny.

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