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One often hears talk of America's pie as split in three super-sweet slices: New York, LA, and the rest. (Even if you've never been to America, New York and LA have been visiting you your whole life.) Truth is, there are just as easily 10 slices, or 20, or 50.

From the celebrity-swept savannah of Los Angeles (where the A-listers roam free) and the wine-growing paradise of Napa Valley, up to what might be the country's most beautiful city, San Francisco, California is as varied as it is vast. Fun-in-the-sun types will find nirvana in Miami and the rest of southern Florida. History buffs, meanwhile, should head to Boston, Philadelphia, or San Antonio. And if you're a dedicated urbanite, you'll be strained to do better than Chicago or New York.

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view all United States hotels