Luxurious City Hotels

If the drudgery of every day life is starting to weigh on your shoulders then one of the easiest ways to give yourself a quick respite is with a luxury city break. No matter where in the globe you're planning to visit, Kiwi Collection's hand-selected choice of luxury hotels and boutique gems will ensure you are at your freshest for a few days of determined exploration, or simply some less-than-determined relaxation.

So - Where to? 

Why not say "konichiwa" to Tokyo on a road bike at a blistering pace, easily rented in one of the many bike boutiques found in this trend-happy metropolis.

Or, take a meander down Melbourne's Chapel St., pushing the limits of just how much retail therapy it's normal for one person to have. When it's time to refuel, stop off at one of the excellent cocktail bars nearby.

What would a luxury city break collection be without mentioning New York City? A trip to the hip galleries of TriBeCa is manna for a weary soul when followed by an epicurean journey through the neighbouring street food scene.

Feeling a little more adventurous? If the beaten track is something you like to avoid then Cartagena offers a burgeoning food scene; Montreal brings a little slice of Europe to North America; and trendy Copenhagen doesn't make a single move without a meticulously drawn up design strategy.

Whatever city you choose to explore, Kiwi Collection's VIP perks, complimentary upgrades and low rates make us the perfect destination for booking. 

Bon Voyage!