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Florence is widely considered the most beautiful city in the world - stay in the heart of it by booking with us and get the best rates at the best hotels along with VIP upgrades and services.

The cradle of the Renaissance (sometimes called the Athens of the Middle Ages), the city of Florence is a work of art in itself. Settle in at one of our ornate and elegant villas in the middle or on the outskirts of town, and meander out into its narrow streets toward the Arno River.

There, you'll find the beautiful bridges Ponte Vecchio - with its stilt-supported shops - and Ponte Santa Trinita. Walk a little further and you'll come to the city's main market district, where the Basilica of San Lorenzo holds sway over all. Be sure to check out the Medici mausoleum before exploring the world-famous Uffizi art gallery just around the corner.