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Bask in Central Bohemia

Central Bohemia envelopes the cultural gem of Prague in winding rivers, ancient monuments, and dense forest -- book with us and get the best rates at its finest hotels, along with VIP upgrades and services.

Central Bohemia is a wonderful region to explore as part of a day trip away from the bustling activity of Prague. Its natural beauty is varied and fascinating - explore for instance the stalactite-encrusted caves of Koneprusy, or the granite peaks of the Jizera Mountains.

The region is also home to a rich network of fairy-tale chateaux and medieval fortresses - a true delight for any history buff. Walk through the vaulting halls of eský Krumlov Castle, whose staggering size overwhelms the diminutive town of the same name. Or camp out for a night or two on the rim of erné jezero, the solemn Black Lake" of the Czech Republic."

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